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Starting in a clockwise direction, swimmers can swim in any stroke they want towards buoy 1, which they must over-pass by leaving it on their right-hand side. Next, swimmers continue to buoy 2 where they must take a right-hand turn leaving the buoy again on their right-hand side and head to buoy 3 which they will have to leave on their right and head to the shore for an Australian exit between each lap. Athletes of the Sprint distance (3km) will loop buoys 1 to 3 three times before they head to the finish line. The Marathon (5Km) athletes will have to do the loop four times before heading to the exit. In case an athlete does not “clear” the buoys as described above, the option of a DSQ will be considered. Swimmers are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the course which will be clearly marked and for covering the distance of the 3Km or 5Km as described. Water temperature will be measured at race morning and announced 60 min before the race start. Please observe wet suits regulations below:

  • Water temperature of 20 deg C and above: no wetsuit.
  • Water temperature between 18 and 19.9 deg C: swimmer can choose to wear a wetsuit or not.
  • Water temperature between 16 and 17.9 deg C: wetsuits are compulsory.

Water temperature below 15.9 deg C: swimmers should not be competing.

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